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Talking About Estate Planning

Although Estate Plans do a good job at legally defining how you wish your property to be used if you become incapacitated or die, it is often helpful to discuss your plan with beneficiaries and selected agents ahead of time. Doing so may help avoid unnecessary disputes, identify unforeseen problems with your choices, and ease the difficulty on your heirs and agents. Even if you don’t proactively talk to them, this Trusted Advice article helps guide some additional information you may which to leave behind for the benefit of your estate.

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Community vs. Separate Property

In California, most property held by a couple is considered community property, but there are circumstances when property can be held separately. This is especially common in households where one or both spouses have children and assets from previous marriages or when there is generational family property in the estate, such as heirlooms. This Trusted Advice article highlights some of the ways property can be held separately.

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The Importance of Estate Plan Maintenance

Although having an outdated Estate Plan is typically better than not having a plan at all, there is still a risk to the estate. Outdated plans can not only be invalid, at times they can actually lead to unanticipated outcomes that diverge from the creator's original intention or current values. In this Trusted Advice article, we review the major events that can merit amending your Estate Plan so your protection continues to reflect your life, values, and relationships.

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