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Estate Plans aren't for the rich, they're for the people you love.

If you need a new estate plan or assistance with an existing plan, Trusted Law Corporation is here to help.

Estate Plans help protect people and what they value...

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Protect Loved Ones

Make sure your assets are used to protect whom you love and that people you trust are there to safeguard you and your family.

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Avoid Probate

Maintain your family's privacy by avoiding probate, an expensive and lengthy court process required for most estates over $150K.

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Control Decisions

Decide who gets what and when—and under what conditions—so your beneficiaries are protected in ways consistent with your values.

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Save Money

Pass more wealth to your beneficiaries by anticipating long-term needs and designing a plan that helps lower fees and taxes.

The Trusted approach is simple: 

Build customized plans. Offer a lasting solution.

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Customize Your Plan

A local attorney will take time to understand what's important to you, provide options and customize a plan that will achieve your goals.

Complete the Process

After your Estate Plan is complete, Trusted helps guide you through critical last steps that are required to fund and finalize your Trust.

Make Updates Easy

Amend your plan as life changes. Trusted Flex Protection, provides an easy, low-cost way to maintain your peace of mind.
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Full service means ongoing support

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Estate Planning

Estate plans should evolve as life changes. Trusted encourages clients to think of their plan like coverage that can be refined to better match their situation and goals over time.

Trust Administration

When you or your spouse pass, it helps to have a Trusted partner who already has your estate planning records, knows your family, and will treat them with respect care during difficult times.

Trust Litigation

Hopefully it won't happen, but if your plan is ever contested you want a Trusted attorney who understands your goals and has the litigation experience to defend them helping you.
Trusted Law Corporation is a full-service law firm that can help you during all aspects of the Estate Planning lifecycle
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  • My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and needed to go on hospice care. Pam from Trusted spent nearly all day into the night helping us to get the Trust done. I felt very confident in her knowledge. She was thorough and explained things well…. Pam was the Angel we needed… I am very grateful for her expertise and especially going above and beyond to help us out.
  • Trusted was instrumental in helping to sort out a complicated trust/probate issue…. Pam (our attorney) crafted a line of reasoning to dissolve the old trust and bring the policy under a newer trust. Trusted was wonderful to work with, and we really appreciated her help.
  • …We've gone thru this process before when we had kids, and again 10 years ago when there were big tax law changes—but this was the best experience by far. So glad we found Pam and Trusted.