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Trusted Law Corporation is a full-service Trust and Estate Planning law firm serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Across all services, we are committed to understanding your goals, protecting your privacy, and providing exceptional service. We charge a reasonable flat fee for our complete estate plans and price all other legal services on a project basis. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

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Trusted Estate Planning

Estate Plans are one of the best ways people protect themselves and their loved ones. The right plan helps clients avoid probate, protect dependents, reduce fees and taxes, and clarify how one's assets should be used in the event of incapacity or death. Trusted works with clients to craft Trusted Estate Plans customized to their situation and goals, and works with them over time to help ensure their plan remains relevant.

Trusted Administration

After a loved one dies, steps may need to be taken to preserve their Estate Plan, avoid unnecessary costs, and make distributions to heirs. In addition to being unfamiliar, these important steps often occur during difficult times. Trusted helps clients manage the Trust Administration process with expertise and kindness to ease the burden and ensure your estate is handled properly.

Trusted Litigation

Trust Litigation involves contesting an estate or being a beneficiary of an estate plan that is being challenged. Like any court proceeding, it is detailed and important to manage properly. Trusted Law Corporation has experienced local litigators ready to help clients successfully defend and contest estate plans.

Trusted Probate

Probate is a court-supervised procedure that passes money from a decedent to their heirs. Generally speaking, assets not allocated to a Trust must go through probate. In addition to taking great effort and time, the assets in probate are restricted from use while probate occurs. Trusted attorneys help clients get through probate with less difficulty and more peace of mind.

Reasons to Choose Trusted

Local Attorneys

We only staff experienced Bay Area attorneys who will take the time to know you and your family.

Human Approach

We promise to be patient, friendly and helpful as we craft your protection together.

Online Access

Online Access

We securely store your estate documents online for free, so you have instant access when you need them.

Trusted Advisor

We remain with clients and help them recognize how their plan may need to change over time.

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Trusted Estate Planning

Estate planning provides peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected in ways you control. Most people understand that a Will lets you control who gets what and when, but this may not be enough. What people don't know, is that Wills do not avoid probate and don't protect your heirs until you're dead. If you become incapacitated, temporarily or permanently, the actions you instruct in a Will are delayed.

A proper Estate Plan should protect your beneficiaries, avoid probate, reduce fees and taxes, and state your personal health care choices. More importantly, it should protect you and your beneficiaries if you become incapacitated. If you have young children or heirs with special care needs, an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure those loved ones will be protected when and for as long as necessary.

When you build your estate plan, you will face a host of personal decisions. Whom do you trust enough to protect your kids or manage your assets? When and under what conditions will beneficiaries receive money? How do I make things fair? How could my decisions today impact government assistance an heir is receiving in the future.

These questions are made harder by the fact that life is complicated and if we are lucky, long-lasting. What you have today and how you wish to protect your loved ones will almost certainly change over time. This underscores three points about choosing the right estate planning partner. First, find a firm that considers your long-term goals and whom you're protecting when building your plan. Second, find a firm that makes maintaining your protections easy and secure so they last — an outdated plan is a bad plan. Third, work with an attorney you trust will look out for your family over time. When you or your spouse pass, having a partner who cares for your family and understands your intentions is eases difficult times.

Trusted Estate Plans include a comprehensive set of protections that are important to you and your loved ones. However, what sets us apart is how we approach your Estate Plan. Our process starts with a picture so we can understand more about whom you want to protect and why. Together, we will make sure you understand your options and customize your plan to achieve your goals. After your Plan is complete, the Trusted service provides an easy and affordable way for you to update your Plan and refine your protections over time.

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Trusted Administration

When a loved one who established an Estate Plan passes steps must be taken to ensure it functions correctly, and that beneficiaries receive property quickly and with minimal legal challenges. This includes completing actions that are required for the Trust to comply with state law, safeguard government assistance, and reduce fees and taxes. Failure to do these things can result in delay or unnecessary costs.

Some steps are procedural but must be completed on time. Others, like the allocation of assets, are more strategic and can have a material impact on your heirs. All are important. Unfortunately, surviving spouses, beneficiaries, trustees and guardians are often confronted with these unfamiliar questions during extraordinarily difficult times. Trusted Administration services can make things easier.

Whether you're Estate Plan was crafted by Trusted or done by another firm, our Trust Administration Services will help your family navigate the administration process clearly, quickly and with compassion. We will make sure you are aware when important decisions need to be made and help you understand your options, so you make sound long-term choices.

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Trusted Litigation

Not surprisingly, when relatively large sums of money are at stake, people take notice. Although avoiding probate can help reduce how many people know when a Trust is enacted, Trusts are often disputed, sometimes for excellent reasons. The most common disputes are suits contesting the validity of a Trust, actions against a Trustee for breach of fiduciary duty, and claims against the estate for money owed. If the original Trust was poorly structured the activities it instructs may diverge from the creator's goals. Although difficult, Trusts can be modified in these circumstances if it can be shown doing so better fulfills the Creator's real intentions.

Pursuing or defending a claim in court is a challenging process, one that you need to get right the first time. Regardless of which side of a dispute you are on, it is best when you have experienced attorneys on your side. Trusted Law Corporation was started by an attorney with over ten years of litigation experience. We've helped clients successfully defend their Trusts against frivolous claims, argued for money-saving amendments, removed trustees acting in bad faith, and helped deserving heirs amend Trusts, so they realign with the creator's intent.

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Trusted Probate

Assets over $150K not in a Trust generally need to go through probate. During probate, your assets will be managed by a court-appointed representative who must ask the court for permission to distribute assets to your heirs. Additionally, your estate will be charged probate fees based on the value of the assets. The length of time and amount of fees an estate suffers is based on the size and complexity of that estate and the efficiency of your local government.

In addition to the court process, you may need to do other things to enable the transfer of assets in an estate. These may include selling a home, defending an existing will against claims, or structure longterm care needs, to name a few. Each situation is unique but is it common that in addition to the probate court process other legal loose ends need to be tied up. Just as Trusted tailors an Estate Plans to each family, we approach each probate with the same customized care.

Lastly, there is also an emotional cost of probate. Having your family affairs made public and needing to rely on the court system to help beneficiaries can be frustrating. Managing unfamiliar processes can be time-consuming. Doing these things after a loved one passes makes each harder. Trusted expertly guides people through the probate process with sensitivity and compassion, while making the process as stress-free and efficient as possible.

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  • We asked Trusted to help us establish our trust. In our initial consultation, Trusted neatly laid out our options and were mindful to explain complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. With little effort on our part, we now have a complete living trust and lifelong peace of mind. We also have a quick and affordable way to make changes to our trust going forward. Thanks, Pam.
  • Trusted went above and beyond what I could ever imagine an attorney would do. Her compassion and understanding at a difficult time were amazing, and she continues to reach out to make our needs have been met. She is an amazingly sweet woman.
  • As my life started to take on new meaning I called Trusted for help. Pam was very professional and explained in detail the forms and paper work needed to process my request….My trust is now complete. I'm also more knowledgeable regarding estate planning. I would definitely recommend Trusted and Mrs Bobowski. Let her be your guiding light!!!!